Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Crop Circle at Berbah Sleman Indonesia

Some time ago, there are some phenomena that could scare people Berbah Sleman Indonesia. I myself live in the southern part of Sleman Indonesia.

A pattern of bizarre, unique and beautiful re-appeared on this earth. Recent events make people Rejosari, Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman Indonesia and the surrounding commotion. Because the pattern in rice cultivation is similar to the former landing spacecraft or (Unidentified flying object / UFO), which is often played in the movies.

This phenomenon occurs on Saturday (22 / 1) night or Sunday (23 / 1) early morning. Strange form (Crop Circle) 60 meters in diameter and damaging three areas belong to residents, namely Daldiri, Jamsiyah and Waridi.

Until now, rice is said to have 'landed' UFOs are kept flooded with visitors. After watching the phenomenon, many believe it actually traces the shuttle, but others concluded that these incidents are signs of nature and is a disaster warning.

So what exactly is the Crop Circle phenomena such? Actual events that occurred in Rejosari is no different than the incidence in several countries some time ago. A mysterious natural phenomenon was first seen in England in 1647, or about 350 years ago.

Crop circle is a form of circles and other shapes such as geometry (size and plumpness of the range), even some that are commonly encountered form the image of living creatures such as scorpions, sunflowers, bees, etc. and usually agricultural fields, especially wheat.

In the UK, Canada, America, Australia and Japan, many found the Crop Circle phenomenon. This phenomenon usually appears in the summer when farm fields overgrown with plants .. The geometry is sometimes in the form of circles or can also form a unique series of images, which show that the author is an intelligent creature.

Many are linking this with the Crop Circle because of a series of spiritual activities geomtri formed in the farm fields (the images were formed by plants that fall down / collapsed).

According to available information, the emergence of the Crop Circle phenomenon is often accompanied by the appearance of UFO-shaped ball of light. A video that managed to record the occurrence of a crop circle (in oliver's castle in 1996) showed that a Crop Circle was formed in only about 20 seconds.

Appearance in Russia several years ago is astounding, where they appeared one after another. Surrounding communities who see it really do not understand, how they can be formed quickly. Within one night, about 6-7 Crop Circle with a large size have been formed dihamparan their wheat fields.

What makes them even more chuckle admiringly are various forms of the Crop Circle itself. There are forming the image of sunflower magnificent.

Until now, a lot of speculation and views on the formation peroses Crop Circle. People think this phenomenon is created by humans, but some are considered purely from the processes of natural phenomena.

Source: KRjogja.

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